Rebecca & Líam

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21st June 2022

We are getting married!

And we want to share our special day with you.

We have prepared this website with all the information.

Please do not forget to complete the form in the Confirmation section so we will be able to organise everything as soon as possible without any surprises at the last minute.

Thank you xx


Casa Benegalip

Partida beniganim 4

03780, Alicante (España)

How to get there?


Buses will return at 1am, 2am and 3am and we will have private drivers available should you wish to leave out with these times.

Beach at 14:30h

Port at 14:30h

Denia Marriott at 14:45h

Our story

Líam and I really feel like we were destined to meet and be together. We first laid eyes on each other in June 2016 in Ibiza where we spent a fun night together, into the early hours, drunkenly making friends with napkins and going for a 6am kebab. I mean we should have known then we were kindred spirits! However this Ibiza trip ended up with Líam giving me relationship advice, a friendly hug and a Facebook friend request.

Fast forward 15 months and we are in Ibiza again at the same time- what are the chances! We met up in a large group of mutual friends and had a fantastic time. A few kisses turned in to our holidays sort of merging together and spending several days together. By the end of this I think it was obvious we could have something very special together.

Once home and back to reality we would spend hours on the phone to each other finishing each other’s sentences. I think 3 hours 10 mins was the longest! Líam then visited London and after a lovely long weekend we definitely liked each other! Although he did leave the toilet door wide open whilst doing his business on day one and I did witness him vomiting on day 2. It really is love!

Then began my love affair with Javea. I would fly back and forth frequently- arriving with a suitcase but never leaving with one. I knew what I was doing! I then met Amelie, Lola and Luca in January and immediately had a fantastic relationship with all 3 of them which is still as wonderful today. I was welcomed in to their family with open arms and I will be forever grateful for this. I love them with all of my heart.

We got engaged on 22 June 2019 at our favourite place Cap Prim on a night with the most spectacular sunset. It was the happiest moment of my life and I obviously said yes although think I actually forgot to say so at the time of the proposal!

Fast forward 2 years and we have 2 perfect babies to complete our family who I can’t wait for you all to meet! We are so excited we are finally getting our big day after several delays and changes due to Covid! We cannot wait to celebrate with you all and can’t thank you enough for being with us on our special day.

Líam and Rebecca xx

Pre & Post Party


5pm 19/06 for drinks and nibbles

La Siesta Jávea


2pm 22/06 for lunch

Beach House Jávea



15:30h It starts!


15:45h Welcome drinks!

025-wedding ring

16:00h Ceremony!

036-wedding dinner

17:30h Dinner!

007-music note

3:00h The last one!

Wedding gift

Without you it would not be the same, thank you for your company on this special day. The gift is optional, your attendance mandatory!

If you want to give us a gift please add kilometers to our honeymoon!

  • UK guests: Rebecca Fraser. Bank of Scotland 00933079. Sort code 800514
  • ES guests: Líam Thomas Higginson. ES96 2100 8859 7113 0049 5177 Caixa bank Jàvea

Confirm your attendance!

Please, introduce one by one the information of the people who will attend the wedding